Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Several SERVPRO employees looking at mold damaged documents before cataloging them to be taken off site

When mold damages priceless documents, SERVPRO is here!

When water damage struck this archives room at a Catholic Diocese, the results were potentially catastrophic. Hundreds of irreplaceable documents with mold damage that needed to be cataloged and taken off site to be restored. Luckily, they called SERVPRO of East Louisville, and we were up to the task! We are currently working through all of the documents as we speak and will get them all back in the archives room after we make the mold damage “Like it never even happened.” 

If water, fire or mold damages your priceless possessions, give us a call! We are ready to use our equipment, expertise and experience to get things back to preloss conditions for you! 

Black Mold

Black mold in this Louisville, KY home was mitigated with the most advanced equipment and methods available. As is usually the case, this mold infestation began with a water damage in a bathroom next to this small closet. The combination of moisture and darkness can produce mold colonies within two to three days making it imperative to call for professional help at the first hint of any mold by sight or smell. 

Mold Growing in Bathroom

Mold damage was incurred by this Louisville, KY home due to a plumbing leak from the bathroom on the other side of the pictured wall. Water had leaked between the walls where it was dark. Moisture and darkness tend to breed mold infestation in a very short amount of time. They received a referral their insurance agent and called SERVPRO to clean up the mold. We promptly dispatched a crew and set up a containment area to prevent the mold from spreading throughout the house. Drywall and flooring needed to be removed in order to properly remediate the mold damage.

Shower Tile Mold

SERVPRO of East Louisville County can remove mold from your grout in your shower.  This is tough to remove without the proper equipment, so it's best to bring in the professionals to take care of the job.

Utility Room Mold Job

SERVPRO of East Louisville was called in to cleanup and restore this utility room after mold was discovered by the owner.  Mold is serious and should be addressed at the first sign.  

Mold growing in closet

Mold can grow in many places and is not limited to where you would normally think it would grow.  This customer found signs of mold growing in their master bedroom closet.  Our team cleaned the area and made sure the issue was resolved so they wouldn't have trouble in the future.

Commercial Mold Job

This commercial property discovered mold growing on some of the support structures in the basement of the building.  Our team of professionals treated the area and removed all of the contaminated items.